About Global Resources Investment Trust

Global Resources Investment Trust (GRIT) is an investment fund specialising in the natural resources industry. The fund primarily invests in small and medium sized listed stocks that have been identified by our investment team as being undervalued. The investment management team view themselves as active investors, and will push their investee companies to make decisions that maximise shareholder wealth.


The Opportunity

The principals behind GRIT believe that there is a huge opportunity to profit in the junior miner industry, which has been devastated in the last few years primarily due to heavy risk aversion by investors. Juniors are sitting on minerals resources that could be extremely profitable, but lack either the cash, management or scale to exploit this resource. GRIT intends to find in the best and most undervalued of these prospects and aid the company in maximising shareholder value in the medium to long term.


Further Information

Information on GRIT’s management can be found in the Management section.

Examples of GRIT’s management significantly increasing shareholder value in resources companies can be found in the case studies section.

GRIT – Prospectus – 7th March 2014

GRIT – Jan 2015 AGM – 22nd January 2015